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Not only do our teachers have the most up-to-date certificates in their discipline, but they all practice what they preach. Finding inner peace and staying fit is something that they hold true to themselves. We hold them to the strictest requirements for certifications and knowledge, so that you can rest easy while you take on your new (at least with us) adventure of yoga classes are more…

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best yoga teacher mississaugaPritpal  is the founder and Director of Mind to Body Yoga & Fitness.  She has Bachelor of Commerce degree  from University of Toronto (CES) and Certification in Human Resources Management from Humber College.  She worked in the corporate world for over 15 years, however her  passion for yoga & fitness eventually pulled her away from the corporate world.  While holding a full-time corporate job, she obtained certifications in Fitness Leadership and started working in the fitness field on a part-time basis since 2005.

Always wanting to maintain a work-life balance and yearning to get in touch with her inner self, she also began her yoga journey in 2007.  Since then she has practiced and instructed yoga classes virtually everyday and also breathing exercises known as pranayama (prah-nai-Yah-mah).   She saw and felt the changes in her mind & body including toning, flexibility and tranquility.  Yoga has brought her the mental peace and a sense of gratitude.  It has put her in touch with her inner self, brining calmness deep inside her.

Combination of practicing yoga, dancing and eating healthy allows her to feel confident, courageous, energetic, and enthusiastic about life – making her clients feel the same is what motivates Pritpal.  She wants to bring the best out of her clients so that they can reach their full potential and accomplish their goals. “I am genuinely passionate about yoga and want to make a difference in people’s lives and help them.  I truly want my clients to succeed and be happy. ”

Pritpal continues to educate herself in yoga & fitness field and possesses the below listed certification:

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT200 & Restorative Yoga Teacher          E-RYT200
  • CAN-FIT-PRO certified Group Instructor Specialist
  • CAN-FIT-PRO certified Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Humber College – Fitness Leadership certificate


pilates teacher yoga teacher mind to body yoga and fitnessLeaving her corporate management career in 2005 to teach yoga and pilates full time, was a lifesaving shift, dreams can become goals and eventually your reality.  In her pursuit to help people free their mind and body, one certification quickly  lead to another including; 200RYT,  Yoga for Runners, NLP, Life Coaching, Pilates MAT and Yoga Tune Up®. Her unique flavour of teaching was recognized by Lululemon becoming a Brand Ambassador for their Mississauga location in 2010. Rachelle is also a Roll Model® Method teacher trainer. This self massage practice has been hailed on Oprah, in Vogue and multiple fitness magazines. Using grippy rubber therapy balls the method targets’ the body’s fascia to eradicate pain, improve posture and increase athletic performance.
Today her overarching focus is biomechanics. As a yoga teacher anatomy is important but what creates balance in the body is the knowledge of how all the pieces move together and affect each other. Rachelle’s philosophy… “nourish muscles just as much as we work them to reduce risk of injury and maintain movement and independence well into our twilight years”.


Tania considers herself to be a motivated World Class Yoga and Barre Fitness Instructor with advanced training in Ballet at Canadian Ballet Theatre and her yoga teacher training is through Interdisciplinary Yoga Methods at Nosara Institute, Costa Rica. From Toronto, Canada, she has worked with a variety of groups from MMA fighters, Adults with Special Needs and Children. She currently teaches yoga programs in schools across the GTA.


restorative yoga mississagua yoga classes mississauga yoga teacher mississaugaKaitlin was introduced to yoga at the age of fifteen through one of her dance teachers. From there, she began to supplement yoga with other fitness activities such as dance, gymnastics, and running. She began to realize the many profound changes that yoga brought into her life and immediately fell in love with the practice.

Kaitlin received her Hatha Yoga certification under the guidance of Sarbjeet Kalia through Holisitc BodyWorx. She also holds a certification in Restorative Yoga from Andrea Peloso through FireFlow Yoga. Besides yoga, she is a certified Bootcamp Instructor through Fitness Kickboxing Canada.  She has also completed training’s with Mark Stephens, Ray Long, and Tracey Eccleston.

Kaitlin enjoys guiding students through their yoga practice by creating yoga classes that are focused on breath and alignment as they cultivate self-compassion and mind-body intuitiveness.


power yoga mississauga hatha yoga mississauga core flow yoga mississauga mind to body yoga and fitnessAs a former collegiate athlete at the University of South Carolina Aiken, and former baseball player in the Intercounty Baseball League (IBL), Darryl suffered several injuries throughout his athletic career.  Darryl turned to yoga in an attempt to keep his body healthy. His journey started in 2014 when he decided to take his first yoga class at his local gym. Sitting at the back of the class, yoga quickly found a way into his soul and it continues to grow to this present day.

In April of 2016, Darryl completed his yoga teacher training at Holistic Bodyworx where he received his 230-Hour certification in Hatha Yoga. In a life changing experience, he discovered that yoga wasn’t just about improved flexibility: it was about improving the mind, body and spirit.

Through his many years of experiencing the every day grind of being a student-athlete and corporate worker, Darryl’s ultimate goal is to give back to his students by focusing on yogic techniques used to enhance both the athletic and corporate lifestyles.

Darryl’s classes are focused on improving mind/body awareness, as well as building core strength and balance, while utilizing the breath so that powerful and graceful movements can be performed.  His students can expect to sweat, learn new movement, and have fun in an interactive class setting!


Ron started practicing yoga in 2013 as a fitness activity that he and his wife could do as a couple. After years of playing competitive sports, he enjoys the physical and mental aspects of yoga and found his niche in arm balances and inversions.

Known as a “Gentle Warrior”, Ron aims to build confidence and awareness in his students by focusing on alignment, breath control, intention and strength. He is also a musician, creating unique playlists specific for the style of class.

Ron is a Registered Yoga Teacher certified through Yoga Alliance.  He completed his training at the Clarity Centre under master instructors Denise Pala, Elena Spina, Angela Jackson, Che Marville, Sonia Clarke and David Bink.


Naaz yoga teacher mind to body yoga and fitnessHer yoga journey began in 2009 as a rehabilitation program to regain her physical and spiritual being after immobility due to an injury.  Therapy led to passion and Naaz became a certified Hatha yoga instructor with yoga network of Canada 350RYT and her desire to make a difference.  Working full time in the airlines and teaching yoga brings balance, strength and peace in her life connecting mind, body and spirit.

Her philosophy on teaching yoga is sacred, a divine union by being always true to herself.   Strong mind cultivates a strong body. She volunteers for friends and family karma yoga, giving without expecting anything in return.

Her classes include yoga foundation poses that use core muscles with grace and the victorious or oceans breath, inhaling positive energy, exhaling negative energy.  Students will feel light, yet energized with a sense of calm.

She has a loving family, and her biggest role mode is her son who is health conscious and is always encouraging and inspiring.  She is always ready to give a helping hand to others, is passionate about animals and nature, loves to walk with her dogs, is adventurous and a world traveler.  Her favourite cities are Roma and Tokyo.

She continues to attend workshops and yoga conferences with renowned teachers Rodney and Colleen Yee, Seane Corne, Jason Crandell, Sadie Nardini, Sensei Cameron and Melayne Shayne, and Sensei Jamal Pender.


yoga teacher mississsauga stephanie ross
Steph has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 10 years.  Her yoga journey began as a physical practice to strengthen and tone the body but she soon realized the meditative, calming benefits that each yoga class could offer and has maintained a connection to her practice ever since.  She continues to take classes, training and workshops to stay current and fresh and is also working towards a certification in Holistic Nutrition.  Stephanie practices and teaches with a strong focus on alignment and breath and a balance between strength and surrender.  She is not afraid to challenge her students and try new things.  Her passion for yoga shines through in her gentle and encouraging teaching style.  When not on her mat, Stephanie can be found ripping through the mountain bike trails throughout Ontario in the summers or cross country skiing with her two dogs in the winter.  Any activity to connect her to the outdoors will likely get her attention.


Charlene began her yoga journey in 2010 and instantly realized the healing powers it had to offer. Not long after that she knew she wanted to share her love of yoga with others and enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training certification program. A commitment to health and well-being has always been an important part of Charlene’s life and her goal as a teacher is to guide her students into a path of wellness and self-discovery. Charlene prides herself on well structured, creative classes that emphasize the union of breath to movement. Her strong personal practice focuses around strength and balance and her present goals are to master arm balancing and inversions. Yoga is a journey of progression and always aspiring to try something new and challenging is her motivation.


Donna has been a health and fitness enthusiast since she was a teenager. She started practicing Pilates after suffering chronic back pain from years of running and doing high impact aerobic exercise. Her doctor suggested she take Pilates classes to strengthen her core, specifically her abdominal muscles. She tried many forms of physical therapy over the years and discovered Pilates was the only exercise that seemed to help long term. After about eight years of studying Pilates as a student, she realized she would need to practice it forever as she fell in love with it.

Last year she decided to give up a successful but stressful 20 year corporate career to pursue a second career in the fitness industry. It was time for a change! She naturally chose to get certified in Mat Pilates as she is passionate about movement as a way to integrate mind, body and spirit. Donna truly believes that the physical and mental benefits of Pilates are profound and the exercises are appropriate for all ages and activity levels. She researched Pilates training courses and decided on enrolling at Body Harmonics in Toronto. She received her Mat Pilates certification in August 2016 and has been leading classes since October 2016.

Donna truly is a people person and enjoys helping and enhancing the lives of others which is another reason she chose this new career path. She is inspired by observing her clients improve their core strength and making health a priority in their lives. As a Pilates Instructor, her goal is to create a class experience that is inclusive, fun, energetic and safe for all. Donna will provide her clients with cheerful encouragement and invigorating workouts! She follows the Pilates principals of optimal movement training to reach people at every fitness level. In her classes, she will focus on exercises that improve core strength, balance, posture, muscle flexibility, joint mobility and breathing pattern awareness.

For anyone that has never tried Pilates, Donna encourages you to come and experience a class!


Growing up Chelsey had a love for competitive soccer, competitive cheerleading and has always been passionate about physical activity. At first, about 12 years ago, yoga was just about the workout, a way to supplement her soccer and cheerleading practices and offset the intense training she was doing on a daily basis. After a few years of casually taking yoga classes as a secondary form of exercise, she found power yoga which she was immediately drawn to. The strength, stamina and mobility she was learning to incorporate into her body kept her coming back each day. After many years and yoga classes, she started to discover a shift. She was coming to the studio for a different purpose. She finally began to realize the incredible spiritual and emotional feeling she would get when leaving (and even arriving) to the studio each day. Her yoga practice is so much more than physical postures. Yoga, for her is a way of living that opens her up to the limitless possibilities in life. The physical benefits are still evident in her daily practices which includes strength and flexibility; however yoga has taught her to calm her mind, focus on the present moment, and to be compassionate towards herself and everything around her.

Her yoga classes vary between Hatha and Vinyasa Flow to a Restorative/Yin style Wellness class. In her classes, she places a strong emphasis on alignment with a purpose to link movement to breath. Her Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Classes are suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners and allows students to explore the base and foundation of yoga. She likes to incorporate core postures that help to build strength, flexibility and mobility. In her restorative classes, she helps students reduce muscle tension and stress while restoring the mind and body connection. Postures are focused to help access deeper connective tissue targeting the hips, spine and back.

Teaching yoga has sparked something in her that continuously grows. Being able to teach yoga and pass her knowledge onto others is the best kind of job for her. She seeks to inspire and help her students realize the infinite potential that already exists within them. Her classes often teach to the theme of presence, connection and the endless opportunity in every moment.


Debbie started practicing yoga in 2008 in her hometown of Brisbane, Australia. She was looking for a safe, natural and sustainable way to relieve physical pain, improve strength, and flexibility. In 2014, Debbie attended a transformative yoga retreat in California under the guidance of Tawny Day-Sterios and Amber Campion, where she experienced the many other facets of yoga, including personal empowerment, spiritual connectedness, and above all, self-acceptance.

Debbie is a 200RYT registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance since 2015. She continues to fuel her knowledge, completing courses in the Roll Model Method by Yoga Tune Up®, and is currently working toward her Restorative Yoga certification. Debbie hopes to inspire others to develop a deeper connection with their own practice by letting go of negative “stuck” energy, and finding kindness, gratitude and joy from within.


yoga teacher at mind to body yoga & fitnes studioDaniela has been Dancing through life ever since she can remember …  her first and constant teacher, her beautiful, Mother passionately and continually believes that dancing and music will ‘ Free Your Soul and Give You Wings’.

Dancing with the National Ballet School for 10 years, Daniela continued her studies at the Ryerson Theatre School (Dance Program) under the direction of National Ballet’s Nadia Potts where she developed her love of movement further. Upon graduation, Daniela travelled with various dance companies across Europe until injuries forced her to retire her ‘pink slippers’ and find a ‘real job’ but she continued to take dance classes, keeping involved in dance community. Always active, Daniela began running and turned to her Pilates practice, also discovering Yoga at Downward Dog, in 2004. Her first yoga teachers, Ron Reid and Diane Bruni inspired her discipline again, adding a spiritual intensity to movement, breath and alignment; Daniela found her new ‘dance’. She continues to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa, her first ‘Yoga Love’ and has been practicing all forms of yoga ever since.

In 2013, Daniela left her corporate career, to enroll in her first Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour program at LifePower Yoga , Directed by Jonny Kest .  She continues to practice and is eternally grateful for this sacred space and teachers that continue to inspire her. Daniela completed a second 200 hour Teacher Training  program in 2015 with YogaWorks  (California/Hawaii) under the guidance and direction of Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch. Recently, this June 2016, Daniela completed her ‘Yoga for Kids & Families’ Teacher Training with Rainbow Kids Yoga.

Yoga has become Daniela’s way of LIFE; she has travelled many times to New York to learn and grow at/with Jivamukti Yoga, Sean Corn and Tara Stiles. Daniela attends workshops regularly in California where she continues to enhance her studies with many teachers at YogaWorks.

In Daniela’s words “ I celebrate yoga’s intention to transform through postures and breath… With yoga, our Hearts Open and Self Acceptance Grows … allowing LOVE  to Bloom … and We FLY


stephanie yoga teacher mind to body yoga and fitness best mississauga yoga studioFollowing a successful career with lululemon athletica where she was first introduced to yoga in 2009, Stephanie pursued her passion of yoga, holistic health and complementary nutrition studies by earning her diploma with Honours in Applied Holistic Nutrition from IHN and her 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification from Anjeli Yoga Teacher Training.

Stephanie’s classes tend to be hatha flow based, linking breath with movement with a strong emphasis on alignment. Stephanie believes the mind, body and soul connection is a sacred one that needs to be nourished, inspired and at times healed. She uses her intuition and knowledge to empower and inspire others to achieve optimal health through mindfulness, awareness and heightened consciousness. She guides individuals to slow down, breathe, be present and create positive coping mechanisms for stress. Her mission is to inspire others to become more aware of their mind, body and spirit and encourage individuals to practice preventative health so we can collectively live a long, happy and healthy life!


Brad Terrell yoga teacher at Mind to Body Yoga MissisaugaBrad Terrell is a bright and ambitious student and instructor of yoga and meditation. Brad’s father influenced him to practice yoga and meditation at the young age of 9. He then practiced its techniques and philosophies leisurely until the age of 17 where he developed a true inspiration for yoga when he suffered a severe knee injury from playing sports that left him unable to walk for over 6 months. During his recovery, he practiced for 3 hours daily over the following summer. At the end of that summer, Brad had never felt better physically, mentally and spiritually and knew then he had to share that same inspiration with others.

Brad has since travelled world wide studying different techniques of yoga and meditation in hopes of gaining more awareness of himself and that of the world around him.  As he took on India backpacking for over 4 months, he obtained his Official Registered Yoga Teacher Certification with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200HR) in Goa, India. He also participated in some of the most authentic meditation and yoga classes in the world at the OSHO International Ashram in Pune, India, where he studied different modalities and healing therapies. Brad then went to holly cities in the Himalaya’s where he gained knowledge and insights from seeks, on yoga methods to enlightenment, and also explored the many different religions and cultures.

Brad started his teaching career in Zanzibar, Tanzania, a small tropical island on the east cost of Africa. Where he resided with his father for almost 6 months and taught yoga and meditation to locals and tourists.  He progressed through yoga by continuing his practice through workshops world wide such as the Yoga for Back Pain and Scoliosis Workshop in San Francisco, California. He also attended multiple Kundulini Yoga workshops in Warsaw and Gydnia, Poland.

Brad has a wide variety of teaching styles yet his primary yoga teachings are Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Hatha Yoga. He has also taught alternative styles such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundulini, Power and Hot Yoga.  Brad has now been teaching and studying at multiple studios and classrooms worldwide for nearly 6 years and hopes to gain more knowledge and wisdom that will aid in the earths healing process.

Brad’s teachings are infused with enthusiasm, humour, wisdom, grace, peace and tranquility. He invites you to experience what he has learned and in return to practice the beautiful transformation: yoga.


100010533_largeLena has a fun, warm, inviting spirit that translates immediately upon entering her classes.  She discovered yoga in 2008 and completed her training at 889 Yoga and continues to study recently become a master is the study of Reiki.

Lena received her Restorative teacher training with Marla Joy(owner of Ashtanga Yoga Center) and continues to practice under the guidance of both Ron Reid and Marla.  Lena is immensely grateful to all her teachers knowledge,wisdom, compassion and she carries this forward into her classes:  Seane Corn, Eion Finn, Simon Park, and Mark Stephens.

Lena’s classes invite all students to join as she instructs with kramas(variety of different levels for each posture).  Expect to be challenged, have fun, contemplate some of life’s questions. You will tap into healing, deep releasing thereby letting the mind, body and spirit be more lifted, and lighter.  In addition to being more rooted in your body thus allowing you to engage more harmoniously into the world.

“Your life is a sacred journey. It is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. You are on the path… exactly where you are meant to be right now… And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love.” ~ by Caroline Adams


Kristeen’s Yoga journey began 16 years ago when she attended a yoga class in a tiny studio by chance and she has never looked back. She considers herself a student of yoga for life, and is passionate about sharing the gifts that yoga has to offer through her everyday life.  Her style has been explained as uplifting and sometimes spiritual with a lot of laughter thrown in, to leave her clients feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

Kristeen is an RYT through Yoga Alliance and completed her 200 hour Yoga Certification through The Clarity Centre.   She is also a Reiki Master.

Pre certified in Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, Kristeen is currently working towards completing her second certification with the renowned Amy Weintraub during this 2017/18 season.  As a Workshop Facilitator Kristeen has developed and currently runs workshops for Anxiety and Depression, Stress, Grief, and Broken Hearts and continues to convey her message of finding joy, happiness and laughter through life’s most challenging times.

As the Previous Director of Operations and New Business Development with the Clarity Centre and having been Nominated Entrepreneur of the Year twice with The Oakville Chamber of Commerce for her own company, Kristeen understands the delicate balance that Yoga students, Yoga Instructors as Entrepreneurs and Owners face as they navigate the every changing world of yoga.

Kristeen hopes that you will join her with an open heart on this journey for joy, peace, happiness and love.



meditation teacher mississauga mind to body yogaTony’s spiritual journey began in 1972 when he met his guru Ramakrishna Ananda while traveling through Southern California. After studying with him for 5 months he received his spiritual name Vishnu Das (servant of the preserving aspect of the Divine). From this point forward, he has dedicated his life to personal spiritual unfoldment.

His interest in spiritual development fueled an enthusiasm for world mysticism. This led him to study Comparative Religions at York University and California State University Fullerton. After completing his Honours Degree in Comparative Religions, he continued his academic studies and received his Master’s degree from McMaster University in Sanskrit and Hindu Religious History, with a minor in Christian Studies.

Since 1998 he has been facilitating meditation classes and workshops in various parts of Ontario.  His personal practice and coursework incorporate a blend of meditations drawn from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. This experience has given him the tools to work successfully for 12 years in corporate middle management. It taught him to balance his life as a meditator with both his work and his personal life.

For the past several years he has taught meditation and yoga philosophy for several Teacher’s Training Programs. Currently he teaches a variety of meditation workshops and classes at various centres all over GTA.

In addition, he offers a Meditation Teacher Training Program. This Meditation Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive 150 hour program that teaches the essential elements of meditation, yoga philosophy, world mysticism, spiritual leadership, compassionate living, as well as the principles of Healing Meditations.

Tony is also a Therapeutic Touch practitioner, pursuing Recognized Practitioner Status with the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario. In November 2011 he was the Keynote speaker at their Annual Conference, leading the post-Conference day long workshop. In May 2012 he was the Keynote speaker and led the primary workshop for the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network in Halifax.


The foundation of good health is a diet that focuses on consumption of whole and natural foods. Our diet provides the necessary building blocks for all parts of our bodies. Poor nutrition impacts all aspects of our physical and emotional health.  A health-promoting diet is important for disease prevention & treatment, optimal health, long-term wellness and for supporting our bodies innate ability to heal, particularly in chronic cases.

Improving your nutritional status may require diet alone, or may require additional support of specific nutritional supplements. These supplements can be used as a complement to good dietary practices and are implemented only secondarily to a healthy diet. In order to optimize nutrition, we will investigate the link between your diet and specific health concerns, consider which foods are best suited to your age, gender and constitution, identify any individual food sensitivities which may be negatively impacting your health and ensure optimal function of your digestive system.


Sujata Certified Holistic Nutritionist Mind to Body Yoga and Fitness

  •  Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, University of Bombay, India
  •  Graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition; First Class Honors
  •  Certification in Metabolic Balance, Metabolic Balance Institute, Germany
  •  Certification in Live Blood Microscopy

Sujata’s passion towards a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family, led her to the field of Nutrition. Her mission is to inspire, educate, and provide clarity on what’s happening in one’s body and further helping them to achieve a better state of health and well-being. She is devoted to teaching her clients nutrition through whole foods in an easy, friendly, non-intimidating way. Her goal is for her clients to facilitate their own journey towards achieving optimum health. She looks at individual needs and their individual nutritional profile and makes recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and supplemental recommendations accordingly.

She consults with private clients all across Canada and the United States too. She continues to upgrade her skills and stay abreast of current research by attending seminars, conferences and educational forums.

Sujata Kale-Banerjea, is passionate about her new life style that she has adapted. She believes that she has made a positive impact on those around her. She loves to help people who are ready to make positive changes and hopes to motivate people who need that extra push.  Before going into nutrition she primarily worked in the dental field as a Treatment Co-Coordinator for over 13 years. She enjoyed her job of educating and creating awareness about the importance of dental health.

Sujata is a loving wife and a mother of 2 beautiful girls, who always made a conscious effort to keep fit with exercise. Until a few years ago she realized that age was catching up with her and exercise was not the only thing that would keep her fit and healthy. Her body had taken a huge toll from life and she did not understand the impact of that toll until she looked into the mirror one day. The image in the mirror did not match the image Sujata had of herself in her mind. And that’s when she decided that the Yoyo – dieting was not for her anymore and she really needed to do something different. Her lifestyle needed to be overhauled. She also realized that changing her lifestyle was not just about her weight but was also about ensuring a healthy environment for herself and her family. This is when she needed to understand how nutrition can play a huge role in being healthy.

The passion for a healthy lifestyle geared her towards the field of holistic nutrition. She now knows that, apart from food – hormones, sleep and work-life balance are the foundations of a healthy life. She knows that her health is her future. That being healthy is to celebrate life and make every moment count.

To schedule a complimentary 15 minute “meet and greet” with Sujata, please call 905-712-9642.  We look forward to seeing you at the centre!



Ghada is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) licensed in Ontario, Nationally certified and has a good standing with Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario.  Ghada treats a range of ailments such as postural imbalances, chronic conditions, sports-related injuries, stress related disorders, and any other ailments that modern society has brought on as a health related condition.  To achieve best possible results, she incorporates various gentle and deep techniques by blending therapeutic massage, swedish massage, effleurage, petrissage, fascial , joint mobilization, deep massage, perinatal massage, and hot stone massage.

Ghada has a medical background in health industry for over 15 years and has worked as a pediatric resident and family doctor in Egypt.  She uses her medical back ground to assist her in dealing with cases of trauma and pain.



Reiki healing and teacher trainingDaxa found healing through her own personal suffering, both physical and emotional pain. Although her journey had been difficult through her pain she became a highly skilled Energy Healer, Reiki Teacher, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Past Life Regressionist. She has helped several hundred clients from Mississauga and the GTA over the years – who have had excellent results!

She is extremely passionate and experienced in her work and has healed many clients through many healing modalities: Home Energy Cleansing, Meditation, Distant Healing, Crystals, Axitonal alignment, etc. By finding the body’s natural state of balance and effectively reducing toxins, stress and anxiety, the body, mind, and spirit can heal. She is also a Law of Attraction Practitioner, so with her sessions she will teach you how to think positive and create the life you deserve. She enjoys yoga and meditation and continues to learn new skills to help heal others. Her goal is to bring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual peace to your everyday life! She is especially passionate about helping her clients live their lives to their fullest. She has been a guest speaker at Wellness shows, McMaster University, Hospitals and Corporate events. She is registered and an active member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

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