New to Yoga

To park, drive to back of the building and you will see our studio there!

What is Hot Yoga and where can I find hot yoga Mississauga?

Hot yoga, most simply defined, is yoga taught in a heated room with temperature between 95 F (35 C) to 104 F (40 C).   Hot yoga is open to all levels of practitioners and anyone will quickly see the benefits.  Some preparation is required with hot classes.  At Mind to Body Yoga Mississauga, we have compiled a list of how to prepare for your first hot yoga experience to make sure it’s Your Best Yoga! – right from the start.  We are located right opposite Highland Farms at 75 Watline Ave, Mississauga, drive to the back of the building, our unit faces Hotel Hilton.  Ample parking space is available.


We also have regular temperature yoga classes

Some days when you don’t feel like hot yoga, or if hot yoga is not for you, you can experience yoga in regular room temperature.  You choose what works best for you!

 Yoga Mississauga, arrive to first class early

It is recommended you arrive atleast 15 minutes early for your first yoga class, take your shoes off, hang up your coat, turn your cell phones off.  Also you’ll need to sign a waiver and discuss whether you’d like to buy a drop-in class or purchase a package. You will also want to orient yourself with the studio and locker spaces.  Mind to Body yoga Mississauga is the only studio with lockers, we also offer detox tea after your yoga practice.

 Know which class you’re taking

Mind to Body Yoga Mississauga offers uniquely diverse menu of yoga and dance fitness class options.  While this is great news, it would help you to read the class descriptions in advance to know what class is right for you.  Class durations vary, lasting either 1 hour, or 75 minutes, so please plan accordingly. Visit the Class Descriptions page on our website for a full list and explanation of all yoga classes.

 Bring a mat, yoga towel and water bottle

You probably know you’ll sweat so much in hot yoga class that you may need a yoga towel in addition to your yoga mat.  For people who sweat more than others, we recommended you invest in a special yoga towel that is the size and shape of a mat and has one grippy side that will keep it in place.

If you forget any of these items you are more than welcome to rent a mat or towel at our studio.

You can also purchase hot yoga towels, mats and water bottles at  Mind to Body Yoga Mississauga studio.

 Yoga Mississauga, know your yoga etiquette

As you continue to venture back to the mat, you will eventually learn yoga etiquette, but some knowledge beforehand can help you avoid doing anything annoying or too embarrassing to your fellow yogis during your first class at Mind to Body Yoga Mississauga.

  • Silence is golden, so after entering the room, remain quiet as many students use this time to meditate before and after the class.
  • Set up your mat in back of the class for first few classes so you can observe other practitioners as many instructors only guide the class vocally and don’t practice alongside you.
  • If possible, avoid blocking a fellow student’s view of themselves in the mirror.
  • Please skip use of perfume or scented lotion prior to class, as the heat can intensify the smell and not everyone has the same taste in perfume.
  • Try not to leave and re-enter the room. Doing so is not only distracting for everyone else, but it won’t help you adjust to the heat and get the full benefits of the practice.
  • Feel free to take a water break whenever you need to as some of the classes typically don’t have set water breaks.


Hot yoga is one of the most intense workouts and each class guarantees to work every muscle in your body as well as allowing your body to go through it’s natural detoxification process, while helping you learn relaxation techniques applicable on and off the mat. Try getting all of that from running on a treadmill!

You need to hydrate yourself the entire day of the class, and not just right before the class.  Although you may drink lot of water throughout the day of your yoga practice, do not chug lot of water immediately before your  class, that will only give you a stomach ache. For that same reason, avoid the urge to guzzle water during class and instead take small sips between poses.   Save the guzzling for after class, when you’ll need to replenish yourself with all the water you just lost. Coconut water is a great post-workout option.

 Wear the right clothing

You don’t need expensive outfits to be a yogi, even if many of the people in your class chose to do so. What you need is form-fitting clothing that won’t interfere with your movement and postures.  Leggings and tight shorts are both good options. Some like to go with longer leggings as it makes the legs easier to grab onto during certain poses while you’re sweating. Don’t worry about being judged; everyone is working out too hard to notice.

Don’t eat right before class

Although infrared heating is a gentler form of heat, doing back bends and putting your head below your heart in some yoga poses can both lead to feelings of nausea for some. Your teachers will remind you to breathe through it, but to help minimize nausea do not eat for two to three hours before your class. A light, healthy snack a couple of hours before class is fine and keep drinking lots of water!

Listen to your body

As a first-timer, you will be engaging muscles that don’t get worked in other forms of exercise and so you will probably have to take more breaks than the people around you who may have been doing it for years.  Be kind to yourself and lay down on the mat in shavasana or child’s pose whenever you need to.