30 Day Yoga Challenge

Enhanced energy levels+
Better sleep+
Weight loss+

The 30 day yoga challenge has been designed to train your mind to be more peaceful and clutter-free. After taking classes for 30 consecutive days you will be able to channelize your energy to where you actually want to focus. Once you train your mind to become more aware and focused, it will not only help you to process information more accurately but also assist you in learning and retaining certain pieces of information. The best part of the program is that even if you miss a class, you can take two classes the following day.

Wednesday, Oct 11 – Monday, Nov 9, 2017

  • 30 Classes –1 Challenge
  • Transform your mind, body, spirit with a 30 day yoga challenge!

What You Get

  • Extra motivation . Improved quality of life . Community support for your efforts
  • A healthier mind, body, spirit . Improved flexibility and balance . Increased strength
  • Improved circulation . Better digestion . Increased focus and metal clarity
  • Reduced stress . Improved sense of self 

Here is how it works!

  • Take a class everyday for 30 consecutive days
  • Starts Wednesday Oct 11 –Ends Monday Nov 09, 2017
  • If you can’t attend a class one day, you can take two classes the following day
    (Maximum 2 occurrences of back to back classes)


  • A chance to win one month unlimited membership ($150 value)

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