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Through accredited training and classes we offer higher learning opportunities, workshops and seminars. Our team of professionally trained teachers and leaders offer their knowledge and skills to empower the community to lead a productive life that is better, happier and richer on all levels.  Whether you wish to teach or just delve deeper into everything about yoga. The world needs your voice!


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Mississauga at Mind to Body Yoga

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Mind to Body follows the guidelines set out by the Yoga Alliance, ensuring the highest educational standards of quality, integrity, and professionalism. We concentrate on providing exceptional training for all students. Our goal is to make the rich and profound practice of yoga accessible, inspiring, and enjoyable for everyone, while both honoring the traditions of yoga and playing a part in its evolution.

Whether you are an aspiring yoga teacher or interested in an in-depth study of yoga for personal development, this program will be one of the best four months of your life.  

Why choose Mind to Body Yoga for your 200-hour training?

  • We ensure the highest educational standards of quality, integrity, and professionalism, and exceed the training standards set out by Yoga Alliance.
  • The schedule allows students to continue to work full or part-time while enrolled in the program.
  • Community leader guest faculty – students will be studying with the best of the best.
  • With an integrated, well-informed, and open perspective, we tie together the insights and wisdom of many different traditions. This creates a cohesive and innovative approach to yoga with skills that can be applied in the modern world.
  • We provide encouragement and guidance to help you find your unique voice, and develop your internal wisdom and mind-body connection.
  • Community building is one of the primary objectives of our program. Wherever possible, we try to build and sustain a long-term commitment to our students and assist them in meeting their personal goals.
  • Mind to Body Yoga Teacher Training school is registered as "Certified Private Educational Institute" with government of Canada. Students will be issued certificates to claim education-related tax credits, such as the tuition tax credit.
  • Our program is accredited by the Yoga Alliance. Successful graduates of this program can apply for RYT-200 status.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Do you feel that you're trying to find a balance but your scale is often tipped to the stress side? Do you feel like you are a ticking time-bomb ready to go off any minute? Do you feel like you are running on empty or have been through a traumatic event?

There are several techniques and levels of relaxation and many studies documented on the effects of relaxation in the body.  Many of us walk around with unconscious stress in our shoulders, belly, back or other part of the body, not aware of the degrees to which these areas are tense.  Most of us cannot complete our daily to-do tasks and are often overburdened will responsibilities of family, work and life.

If you feel any or all of the above, then this training is for you.  Learn everything you need to know about the grounding and inherently restful practice of Restorative Yoga. Learn for yourself or teach it to others.

In this 20-hour course, you will learn:

  • How to teach a restorative class
  • Restorative postures and hands on adjustments
  • Warm ups to teach a restorative flow
  • How to work with different body sizes, shapes, and abilities
  • How to protect your body and energy while assisting students
  • How to organize students, props, and space
  • How to sequence for specific conditions such as getting pregnant, pregnancy, depression, headache, etc.
  • Buddhist meditation practices
  • Prop hacks for when you don’t have traditional props on hand
  • Affirmations, sounds of chakras, and mantras
  • How/when to introduce a restorative pose into an active class
  • Science of mind-body and stress connection
The art of happiness workshop in Mississauga

The Art of Independent Happiness Teacher Training

The art of allowing happiness to blossom from our inner being is learning how to open up, letting go of what doesn’t serve us and embrace the beauty life brings us.

In this 4 week training series we will explore yoga as a powerful tool for achieving independent happiness. A happiness that is not dependent on the type of work we do, where we work, who we are in relationship with, what possessions we have, what we have achieved in our life so far. Expect to dive deep into yoga philosophy and yoga practice and into your heart to create independent happiness within you and then to teach independent happiness to others. We’ll begin this training with science, psychology and yoga philosophy underpinning what it means to be happy and explore happiness in our own lives. We'll then get on our yoga mats to flow intuitively, moving into uplifting, energizing heart openers, finishing with softening and deep restorative postures to let go.

Whether you are a current yoga teacher or interested in learning the art of independent happiness for personal development, this program will be worth your time!  

In this 6-hour course, you will learn:

  • Yoga philosophy in relation to the art of independent happiness
  • How to guide yoga asanas using happiness affirmations
  • Science and anatomy of happiness
  • Pranayamas that have powerful effect on our happiness
  • How aromatherapy lifts happiness quotient

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