Our Studio – COMMERCIAL LOCATION CLOSED – Now a Home Based Yoga Studio

Mississauga’s Largest Yoga Studio Is Now Open!

Come to us with an open mind and a beating heart, push past your physical boundaries, turn doubts into beliefs, stress into sweat and strangers to friends. Experience a never-before feeling at our Yoga Studio!

Our studio is founded on the principles of whole health and wellness. We are committed to providing a safe, friendly, soothing spa like environment for you to reach your mind, body and spirit goals by addressing all dimensions of the human system: mind, breath, body, personality and emotions. We are rooted in community to inspire you, challenge you, and help you succeed by providing innovative group classes led by qualified, fun, enthusiastic, and accepting instructors. Let our team of professionals guide you to reach your goals. We look forward to seeing you at the Studio.

The Four Key Principles of Our Studio…


Whether your goal is to practice yoga, lose weight, manage stress, dance fitness, strengthen your core, tone and sculpt, boost your self-confidence, or just life-long health and vibrancy, there’s something for everyone.


We live in the moment and offer an enjoyable social experience where you laugh, smile, learn, play and participate in book clubs, fitness dance parties, yoga chakra parties, yoga retreats and more…


Through accredited training and classes we offer higher learning opportunities, workshops and seminars. Our team of professionally trained teachers and leaders offer their knowledge and skills to empower the community to lead a productive life that is better, happier and richer on all levels.

Giving back

Take your yoga practice to next level by getting involved and taking action to promote positive change within the community through our Karma projects. Through spiritual practices of Karma Yoga, the yoga of action, seva, and selfless service, you bring peace and love in your own life.

Our Practice Space

We have the most zen-like and the largest yoga studio in the region, providing you more space, comfort and peace for your yoga practice. Also our spacious heated yoga studio offers a multitude of features to ensure the most pleasant hot yoga experience ever!


The cork floors in our studios are not only beautiful, they are also eco-friendly, anti-microbial, and feel soft and yielding under your feet as they are cushioned with an extra layer of sound absorbing ergonomically designed insulation to help prevent injuries. The floor insulation is made up of recycled content, and is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant and is Microbial Resistant, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene or germs.


Most paints contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which once in the atmosphere, react with other chemicals to form ozone – a major component of pollution. Even paints that start out VOC free take on some VOCs when colorant is added. The paint used on the studio walls, and in the common areas and changing rooms is completely VOC free, including all colorants. Since yoga is so focused on breathing, this choice is also optimal from a health perspective.


Our 32 infrared heating panels offer even heat throughout the room and a range of benefits not found in traditional forced-air systems that heat the air in the room. The infrared heating panels are designed to directly heat the body without raising the air temperature to uncomfortable levels – this increases your flexibility and circulation, detoxifies your body, helps you lose weight, penetrates tissue, muscles and joints, allowing them to heal and regenerate.


Throughout our space we have beautiful Led-lighting with dimmer ability, allowing the perfect light no matter the time of your yoga class. Led-light is the most energy efficient, the cleanest because of zero UV emissions and most eco-friendly way of illumination.


Customized mirrors on walls to keep you fully engaged and balanced.


Pristine: “Clean, Fresh and Spotless” space. We recognize that hot yoga can leave behind a lot of “sweat” in the yoga studio. Our yoga studio is designed specifically to allow for staff to seamlessly clean the studio after each and every class. We only use cleaning products that don’t endanger human health and are nature’s way of cleaning and killing germs without compromise in strength.


Infuse your yoga practice with healing properties of detox tea. Relax in our lounge area after your yoga practice and enjoy a cup of detox tea, catch up with friends or just chill!


Hot yoga studio walls, ceiling, and floor are well insulated to provide the most stable and pleasant yoga experience, and also reduce our carbon footprint.


Female and male change rooms are both equipped with showers and lockers.


Perfectly balanced Bose surround sound system throughout.


Mats, towels and water are available for purchase at the studio, or students can bring their own.