Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga in Mississauga

Why do Postnatal Yoga?

It’s so exciting and awesome to have a new little one at home, but it can be sometimes hard to move our bodies when we are stuck under our babies 24/7. Strengthen and restore your body and mind with other new moms and babies in this gentle, flowing yoga practice. Strengthen abdominal muscles and release tension in the hips, shoulders and upper back. Re-condition the muscles challenged by pregnancy and child birth. This class is the perfect balance of community, laughter, relaxation, and strengthening.

All levels welcome, and no yoga experience is necessary.

Bring your baby along - they will be incorporated into the class whenever possible. Please note that while babies come to class with you, they are not used as props in this class. They hang out right in front of you close to the top of your yoga mat while you enjoy your yoga practice. 🙂

Pre-registration required. Minimum 8 weeks commitment required.
When: Available only in private yoga setting one-on-one instructions
Where: 7268 Magistrate Terrace, Mississauga.  By appointment only.
Who: Ms Pritpal, Mother of 2 boys / pre & post natal certified


  • 1 Session ­­ $110 (plus HST)
  • 8 Sessions ­­ $800 ($100/session + HST)
  • 16 sessions ­­ $1,520 ($95/session + HST)
  • 24 sessions ­­ $2,040 ($85/session + HST)
If you have any questions or require clarification, please call the instructor directly at 416-527-2254 OR send us an email at

Where can I find quality postnatal yoga class in Mississauga?

There is an obvious huge physical shift that happens to a pregnant body due to anatomical changes of a growing child, also the enormous physical changes in the postpartum body due to emotional shifts and the new physical habits that come along with motherhood are often overlooked.  As a new mother you may feel tired and somewhat overwhelmed at times by this major life change and responsibility. Without being aware you may also be changing your physical habits: you are likely holding, wearing, strolling, or feeding your child. Your new habitual positions may have you looking down at your baby, and the physical and emotional fatigue can lead to posture change. For instance, your chest may appear little sunken-in.  As a new mom it is likely you are not paying attention to your own posture since you are very focused on your baby.

At Mind to Body Yoga our approach to postnatal yoga is what differentiates us from the others. As soon as you step into our home studio, you know you will be well taken care of through our experienced postnatal yoga teacher who is also a mother of 2 boys.  

Our goal is to provide best postnatal yoga experience in Mississauga

New moms at Mind to Body can feel confident knowing that their yoga teacher is committed to their overall well-being.  Our centre is community based differentiating us from others with similar offerings.  Through the postnatal yoga practice, we influence the body to change its habits – open the chest, take up space, become “big” and “powerful.” The new mom can take on some of these postural traits and leave the class feeling grounded, energized and balanced.

The Art of Happiness Mind to Body Yoga Mississauga


Pritpal is the founder of Mind to Body Yoga Training.  She has been practicing yoga since the year 2000 and has been teaching yoga for over 15 years since the year 2005, has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto (CES), and Certification in Human Resources Management.  She is an E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher, the highest accreditation available through Yoga Alliance. She has worked in the corporate world in Human Resources for over 15 years, however, her passion for yoga & fitness eventually pulled her towards yoga teachings.

Since 2005 she has been instructing yoga classes and also virtually practicing yoga every day along with breathing exercises known as pranayama (prah-nai-Yah-mah).   She saw and felt the changes in her mind & body including toning, flexibility, and tranquility.  Yoga has brought her mental peace and a sense of gratitude.  It has put her in touch with her inner self, bringing calmness deep inside her.

A combination of practicing yoga, dancing, and eating healthy allows her to feel confident, courageous, energetic, and enthusiastic about life – making her clients feel the same is what motivates Pritpal.  She wants to bring the best out of her clients so that they can reach their full potential and accomplish their goals. “I am genuinely passionate about yoga and want to make a difference in people's lives and help them.  I truly want my clients to succeed and be happy. ”

In 2016 Pritpal founded and operated one of Mississauga's largest yoga studio Mind to Body Yoga and Fitness until forced to shut down due to coronavirus pandemic. As an entrepreneur with a yogic mindset, Pritpal adapted to the new ways and has now created a home-based yoga studio to continue with yoga teacher trainings, workshops, reiki healing, pre-and postnatal yoga, restorative yoga, as well as private and small group yoga classes from her beautiful home studio.  Her yoga teachings are influenced based on her human resources corporate experience combined with the ancient yogic practices guided by a western approach to self-improvement, self-understanding, and developing inner power.

Pritpal has taught over 5000 hours of yoga and continues to educate herself in the yoga & fitness field. Below is a list of her certifications:

Yoga Alliance Registered E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher

Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher

Certified Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher 

CAN-FIT-PRO certified Group Instructor Specialist

CAN-FIT-PRO certified Personal Trainer Specialist

Humber College - Fitness Leadership certificate