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Straps Work Workshop ($42 + HST) with Kristeen

Date: Aug 17, 2019
From: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

It time to strap yourself into some terrific Yoga with Strap Poses. Come out and join Kristeen for a workshop dedicated to using straps for a variety of poses. Learn some of the foundational, Alignment, Stability and Mobility modifications that are available with the use of straps. This class is open to students/clients of all levels and yoga teachers who wish to make their practice more accessible and/or understand how to use straps to assist their students in practice.

Learn how to become more comfortable using straps in the classes you attend or teach in studio, or home practice.

The benefits of straps are numerous and include increased flexibility, a more stable yoga practice, increased mobility and news ways to relax with the use of straps. if you know Kristeen, you know she loves to use props in her teaching and in her personal practice.
In this 2 hour experiential workshop, you use blocks in the following poses:

Bound Angle Pose - Personal Favourite of Kristeen
Extended Hand to Toe
Forward Bend
Dancers Pose
Reclined Hamstring
Overhead Side Ways Stretch
Cow Face Pose
Boat Pose
Reclining Staff Pose
Reclined Bound lunge
Posture Backpack - Personal Favourite of Kristeen
Starfish twist
Constructive Rest Pose
And More!

Kristeen Sopeju is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider YACEP Yoga Teachers Registered with the Yoga Alliance will receive 2 CEUs upon completion of this workshop.

Date: Saturday, Aug 17 (2 Hours)
Time 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Investment: $42.00 + HST

Open to 6 Participants only