Gain Peace through Yoga

Gain Peace through Yoga

They are all around you. If you really look, you will spot them every time you are in public. Next time you are on a subway, at the mall, or even stuck in traffic; take a look at the faces of the people around; you will see the strained signs of stress. The stress is most evident on a morning commute as everyone is rushing around to get their work days started on time. Harried phone calls; animated conversations, people in business suits running to beat the closing subway door; it can be overwhelming. It is no wonder that stress is taking a toll on us. Nearly 3.7 million Canadian workers say that they are highly stressed in the workplace; another 6.3 million report feeling some stress. That means nearly a third of all Canadians feel some level of stress every day.[1] High levels of stress can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health issues as well as contribute to smoking, over-consumption of alcohol, and over-eating.[2] Outside forces act as a trigger, but stress still comes from within. The good news? While we can’t always control external events, we do have some say in how we react to them. The line of equanimity is within our grasp if we just reach out. How can we reach that peace of mind in a chaotic world? Through yoga!

The benefits of yoga will carry with you for far longer than the moment. The methods you learn in a yoga class can help you maintain a peaceful mind all throughout the day. Here are a few ways that yoga will help you reach equanimity:

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Shutting Out the Noise

So much is going on around you all the time; it can be difficult to focus on your inner thoughts. Yoga gives you that quiet moment where you can focus your energy on what is happening within.


With the outer noise quieted (at least temporarily), yoga will allow you reflect on things without interruption. It provides you that safe space when you can really confront things that may be troubling you and come to a solution.

One with the Body

Stretches and poses will give you a deeper connection to your own body and learn where stress is most impacting you. This knowledge will show you where you need to start your stress relief.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing is an important part of yoga practice. Proper techniques will help ease the mind into a calm state and reduce stress as you slow down the thinking process.

Touches Your Everyday Life

The fundamentals of yoga do not need to end once you leave the studio. Once you learn the basics, you can train your mind to access that line of equanimity when sitting on the subway, standing in line, or even taking a few minutes while sitting down at work. A peaceful mind is within your reach wherever you may be.

A steady mind impacts our decisions or choices in how we perceive and interpret the world around us, choosing to take negligible matters less personally, letting them affect us less deeply, so we can live a happy life.

The first step to achieving your line of equanimity is by reaching out to a right yoga mentor. Mind to Body has programs for adults, teens and kids we provide the best yoga instructors in Mississauga along with spacious heated yoga studios. In addition to yoga Mind to Body also offers meditation, Ayurveda, breathing, and other workshops. Contact us today for more information or visit our studios to experience the pleasure of serenity.

Gain Peace through Yoga