7 Reasons Why Yoga Practice is NOT for you

Why Yoga Practice is NOT for you!

Yoga is spreading bliss all around.   So what?  After all life is a bundle of sorrows and joys, failure and success.  We have to use our intellect, knowledge and the advice of well-wishers to navigate through stressful situations.  And don’t forget, there is no dearth of qualified physicians and psychiatrists to help us stay fine and dandy both, physically and mentally.  In this age of science, it does not make sense to resort to yoga practice.

If you are one of those lucky few who have successfully avoided the lure of yoga practice, we will give you more reasons to discard it.  Yoga practice is not for you if:


You think yoga practice will rob you of your maturity

Yoga cleanses the toxins from your body naturally.  With regular yoga practice, you drive out more toxins from your body with every breath and your skin attains a new glow within a few days.  You not only feel more energetic and healthy but also look much younger.  But this new found youth may ruin your mature look and you may have to work harder to impress people with your experience and knowledge.  A more mature look goes a long way in establishing you as a seasoned player in your field.  So, if you do care to preserve this mature look don’t even try yoga.


You just love popping pills and having expensive surgeries for aches and pains

It is a well known fact that aches and pains are an integral part of aging.  But the scientific advancements of the past century have enabled you to “manage” pain.  You can pop a pill or two daily and still live a “normal” life.  If that does not work, there are elaborate surgeries available.  No doubt yoga hits at the root cause of chronic pain by keeping you flexible, but who’s got the time and energy to contort one’s body on a daily basis?  After all, doctors and surgeons have a role to play in the economy of the country.  So, why damage the basic fabric of economy for as trivial a thing as yoga practice?


You have adopted stress as part and parcel of life

We love living life in the fast lane.  Whether it is the daily commute to work or the constant pressure to meet targets, every aspect of modern life is a source of thrill and …stress.  So, why worry so much about something that is part and parcel of life?  If stress gives you a heart problem, the cardiologists are there.  At times stress may go through the roof and cause a nervous breakdown.  Here you can seek the services of a psychiatrist.  Yoga does not come in the picture anyhow.  No matter how effective regular yoga practice is in keeping stress out of your life, by bringing your body and mind in perfect harmony, it certainly robs you of the thrills of a stressful life.


You think a happy and blissful life is fiction

Being happy and blissful at all the times is not meant for normal human beings.  We have to rear children, make ends meet, achieve success in life and pay taxes; where is the time for happiness and bliss?  It is something meant for sages who don’t have any family to look after and no targets to meet.  Yoga practice can bring about bliss in our lives by boosting our health and energy levels, but we risk losing our “normal” tag if we become blissful.  So, it makes perfect sense to avoid yoga.


You don’t mind an OK fitness level

In an era where almost everything can be done by machines, it really does not make sense to care about one’s own fitness.  You’ve got jazzy cars to carry you from one place to another, washing machines to take care of the laundry, dishwashers to help you with your kitchen cleaning and so on and so forth.  So, when physical labor is not required anymore, what’s the point in maintaining a great fitness level?  You can boost your fitness levels if you devote an hour of your time few times a week for yoga practice.  But if you are ok with your declining fitness, there’s no need to waste your precious time in practicing funny body postures.


You prefer carrying those extra pounds to yoga practice

Regular yoga practice is your sure shot weapon to fight weight gain.  Yoga does it naturally for you by boosting your metabolism and burning calories.   But if you think you have the strength to carry those extra pounds with ease, you should absolutely and definitely abstain from yoga practice.


You and your family are totally at ease with snoring and sleep apnea

Excessive weight gain not only causes snoring, but also leads to conditions like chronic sleep apnea.  These medical conditions may further translate into a life-threatening illness like coronary heart disease.  You can keep the root cause of such diseases at bay through regular yoga practice.  But if you and your family are at ease with these conditions, there is no need to practice yoga.


Yoga practice is all about transformation of life for the better.  In this process, you will come out of the crowd of “normal” people and stand among some blessed ones. However, if you really care for being normal, you should not practice yoga.

7 Reasons Why Yoga Practice is NOT for you