Yoga: An Excellent Non-Drug Approach for Healing Lower Back Pain

Why Choose Yoga for Back Pain?

Apart from soothing your body and mind, yoga is one of the most trusted ways to heal lower back pain, which may be temporary for some but for others, it can be devastating and unbearable. In severe cases, medical attention may be required. Doing regular yoga for back pain, however, helps in strengthening the back magically and improving blood circulation in the spine.

According to a recent research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, 12 weeks of yoga reduces mild to chronic lower back pain effectively. According to the lead author, Dr. Robert Saper of Boston Medical Center, “Both yoga and physical therapy are excellent non-drug approaches for low back pain.”

In the research, around 320 participants suffering from chronic low back pain were included; these enrollees were then randomly divided into three groups. The first group took the 12-week yoga program, specifically designed for people with lower back pain. The second group participated in a physical therapy program, and the third received a book with in-depth information about lower back pain and timely follow-up. Statistically, people participating in yoga and physical therapy witnessed noticeable improvements.

To elaborate more on this research, we discuss some of the ways in which regular yoga works in relieving lower back pain:

1. Relaxes the Muscles

Most yoga postures incorporate stretching, which relieves the stress-carrying muscles. Some gentle positions such as Cat/Cow and basic yoga postures result in certain type of muscle flex and this, in turn, facilitates flexibility and relaxation of joints and muscles. For people with lower back pain, stretching the muscles on the back of their thighs relaxes the motion in the pelvis. This increases the blood circulation, thereby allowing essential nutrients to flow in and unwanted toxins to flow out. The overall nourishment of soft tissues and muscles in the lower back reduces stress and lessens the pain in the back.

2. Provides Excellent Body Alignment

The modes of exercise in yoga are meant to make the body supple and healthy. Regular yoga practice leads to greater balance through shoulders, head, and pelvis. Unlike other forms of exercise, the steps involved in yoga help to strengthen both sides of the body equally, thereby helping maintain the curvature of the spine and alleviating pain in the lower back.

3. Increases Muscle Strength

A few holding positions in yoga help to strengthen specific muscles such as the muscular network of the spine and abdominal muscles. When these muscles are well-conditioned, back pain decreases.

4. Regulates Breathing

Breathing is considered vital in different yoga poses. The objective should be to have rhythmic, deep and free breathing. Methodical breathing increases the flow of oxygen in the brain, thereby dissipating stress and minimizing severe lower back pain caused by psychological factors.


Yoga is now a common practice for lower back pain and has the added advantage of being a non-drug and non-surgical option. Most importantly, yoga is a safer option for relief from back pain; it’s always better to discuss it with a physician who is treating your condition.

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Yoga: An Excellent Non-Drug Approach for Healing Lower Back Pain