Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Benefits Of Hot Yoga

We’ve talked before about the many benefits of yoga such as improved athletic performance, a healthier immune system and stress management.  There are many different types of yoga practices, all of which can help you achieve the benefits listed above, but you can also garner some additional benefits from practicing hot yoga in our Mississauga studio.

Hot yoga classes offered at Mind to Body in Mississauga, typically have the room temperature ranging from 93 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot yoga is pretty much as it sounds, meaning that the yoga class is held in a room with a higher than normal temperature. So, why do people practice yoga in a higher temperature?  Well, now that we’ve talked about what hot yoga is, we can move on to exploring the benefits that come with it.


Bring Balance To Your Life With Yoga And Meditation

Bring Balance To Your Life With Yoga And Meditation

Can you think of a recent time when you’ve had a moment of complete quiet or when your mind has felt calm and clear?  Not easy to do, is it!  Most of the time, all of our senses are overloaded.  Just about everywhere you look there are lights, sounds, movements and smells tugging at us and forcing our minds and bodies to process things at a very quick pace.  The vibrant city of Mississauga is ripe with exciting activities but don’t forget about the local resources that can help you bring balance to your life – Mind to Body Yoga in Mississauga is one of those places!

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Why Your Teen Should Be Taking Yoga Classes

Mind to Body yoga studio in Mississauga was founded with the intention of providing support and imparting the right knowledge about all around healthy living. We are dedicated to helping the Mississauga community improve their health and well-being – this includes teenagers too.

Mind to Body’s class schedule now includes yoga classes for teens in Mississauga! There are so many benefits that teenagers can experience through practicing yoga and we are very pleased to welcome this age group into our Mississauga yoga studio. Our yoga class for teens runs on Thursday nights from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm and will give young people tools to listen inward, to their bodies, feelings, and ideas.


Gain Peace through Yoga

Gain Peace through Yoga

Gain Peace through Yoga

They are all around you. If you really look, you will spot them every time you are in public. Next time you are on a subway, at the mall, or even stuck in traffic; take a look at the faces of the people around; you will see the strained signs of stress. The stress is most evident on a morning commute as everyone is rushing around to get their work days started on time. Harried phone calls; animated conversations, people in business suits running to beat the closing subway door; it can be overwhelming. It is no wonder that stress is taking a toll on us. Nearly 3.7 million Canadian workers say that they are highly stressed in the workplace; another 6.3 million report feeling some stress. That means nearly a third of all Canadians feel some level of stress every day.[1] High levels of stress can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health issues as well as contribute to smoking, over-consumption of alcohol, and over-eating.[2] Outside forces act as a trigger, but stress still comes from within. The good news? While we can’t always control external events, we do have some say in how we react to them. The line of equanimity is within our grasp if we just reach out. How can we reach that peace of mind in a chaotic world? Through yoga!


Can Yoga Boost Your Immune System?

Can Yoga Boost Your Immune System?

Thankfully the days are starting to get longer and there should soon be more sunshine to enjoy. But that doesn’t mean that cold and flu season is behind us just quite yet.  This time of year has many people trying to figure out what will keep them healthy and how they can avoid getting sick. At Mind to Body, we run many different yoga classes in Mississauga during this time of year as we know the benefits yoga offers when it comes to warding off illness.


How Yoga Helps Athletic Performance

Athletes around the world are constantly focused on improving their performance and being the best at what they do.  Hours in the gym in addition to hours practicing their respective sport can certainly help boost performance, but more and more coaches and athletes are realizing that if they want more power, more muscle and more focus, they should turn to yoga.

Mind to Body yoga studio in Mississauga welcomes athletes of any caliber and can provide some great insight into which classes can help enhance athletic performance.  The benefits that athletes can achieve from regularly practicing yoga are:


Yoga Is Perfect for Your New Year’s Fitness Plan

Yoga Is Perfect for Your New Year’s Fitness Plan

For some people, the simple mention of yoga has them cringing and thinking this type of activity is only for women or the elderly. Others think it is simply a passing fad, which will quickly fade away. However, what these people often do not know is first, yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years, so it is not a passing fad. Next, these same people lack the information needed to understand exactly how yoga works to help improve the body’s health and well-being.

A “total” yoga session is a complete mind and body workout. Yoga incorporates stretching poses, strengthening poses, relaxation, meditation, and deep breathing. Together, each one helps strengthen the body, build muscles,burn calories. Additionally, yoga also improves focus and concentration, and calmsthe mind and body.  There are more than a hundred different forms, ranging from slow, relaxing, and gentle to intense and quick-paced.

Among the numerous forms of yoga, some of the more common ones you can encounter includes:

  • Hot yoga –It is practiced in a temperature controlled room which is heated to at least 36 degrees Celsius and no more than 40 degrees Celsius. It is important to maintain the temperature within this range during the yoga session while progressing through the poses. Any of the below listed forms of yoga can be practiced in a hot room.
  • Hatha – This is the most common form of yoga you will typically encounter. Each form combines a series of breathing with movements.
  • Ashtanga – This form incorporates specialized breathing techniques along with a series of movements and poses.
  • Iyengar– Performing this form of yoga requires using various props, like chairs, blocks, and so on, as you learn the various poses and movements.
  • Power – Power yoga is fast-paced and designed to help provide a more intense experience which can help speed muscle development and strength building.
  • Vinyasa– Sometimes called “smooth yoga,” this form uses a series of poses which “flow” from one to the next in “smooth” transitions.

All forms of yoga are perfectly suited for targeting several key areas of the body people want to make stronger, like their glutes, arms, core, legs, and back. The poses used in yoga are designed to help increase flexibility, while tightening muscles and burning calories. It is worth mentioning, as calories are burned, they help reduce excess fat in various areas of the body, like the stomach.

In addition to help shedding excess fat and building stronger muscles, yoga also helps to strengthen our minds and provides numerous benefits:

  • Helps us sleep better and deeper.
  • Helps us deal with stress and tension in a positive manner.
  • Strengthens the body’s immune response system.
  • Makes us less prone to illnesses and diseases.
  • Helps address and resolve back pain.
  • Improves our bone health and postures.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Increases concentration and improves focus.

The list goes on. Essentially as our bodies and minds become better connected and stronger through yoga, all of the systems within our bodies start working together in harmony. To learn more about yoga or to experience a yoga class in Mississauga for yourself, contact Mind to Body Yoga, Fitness, and Wellness at 905-712-YOGA (905-712-9642) today!

Gratitude from Yoga


Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations of our hearts. Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for all the blessings of the past year.  Friends and family get together to enjoy a special meal and open their hearts to express gratitude. The more we open our hearts to gratitude, the more we realize how blessed we are.  There are many poses of yoga to help us open our hearts and experience the energy of gratitude. Using an asana with the intention of thankfulness will enhance your life.

While we are in midst of celebrations, awesome as it is to be with our loved ones, it can also be stressful, and sometimes disappointing when we’ve been practicing so hard over past several months and years, and still discover we can have our buttons pushed! Getting into our heart energy, and focusing on all that we are thankful for, will create the right mindset for a peaceful, and happy, celebratory time.

Poses of yoga that open our hearts, have us reach up high, bring awareness to our minds, bodies, and emotions and allow us to be mindful helping us be free from distractions as wells as help us focus on our higher vibrations. Intense stretches will help us release tension allowing a more flexible approach. Restful poses help us sink into grateful feelings and integrate a thankful intention. Yoga for gratitude will help us sail happily through the holidays (or through any experience in life).

Pyramid pose (Parsvottanasana) – releases tension and brings flexibility into your life.


Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana) – excellent hip opener pose for letting go and feeling easy.


Locust Pose (Salabhasana) –  uplifts and opens your chest and heart area.


Fish Pose (Matsyasana) – fabulous chest opener that extends your heart area and is uplifting in both body and mind.



Mountain Pose (Tadasana) – practice Tadasana with arms high and wide for a feeling of joy and expansion, and to embody the energy of giving, and receiving.


Corpse Pose (Savasana) – rest in Savasana and breathe deeply while focusing on all you have to be thankful for.


7 Reasons Why Yoga Practice is NOT for you

7 Reasons Why Yoga Practice is NOT for you

Why Yoga Practice is NOT for you!

Yoga is spreading bliss all around.   So what?  After all life is a bundle of sorrows and joys, failure and success.  We have to use our intellect, knowledge and the advice of well-wishers to navigate through stressful situations.  And don’t forget, there is no dearth of qualified physicians and psychiatrists to help us stay fine and dandy both, physically and mentally.  In this age of science, it does not make sense to resort to yoga practice.

If you are one of those lucky few who have successfully avoided the lure of yoga practice, we will give you more reasons to discard it.  Yoga practice is not for you if:


You think yoga practice will rob you of your maturity

Yoga cleanses the toxins from your body naturally.  With regular yoga practice, you drive out more toxins from your body with every breath and your skin attains a new glow within a few days.  You not only feel more energetic and healthy but also look much younger.  But this new found youth may ruin your mature look and you may have to work harder to impress people with your experience and knowledge.  A more mature look goes a long way in establishing you as a seasoned player in your field.  So, if you do care to preserve this mature look don’t even try yoga.


You just love popping pills and having expensive surgeries for aches and pains

It is a well known fact that aches and pains are an integral part of aging.  But the scientific advancements of the past century have enabled you to “manage” pain.  You can pop a pill or two daily and still live a “normal” life.  If that does not work, there are elaborate surgeries available.  No doubt yoga hits at the root cause of chronic pain by keeping you flexible, but who’s got the time and energy to contort one’s body on a daily basis?  After all, doctors and surgeons have a role to play in the economy of the country.  So, why damage the basic fabric of economy for as trivial a thing as yoga practice?


You have adopted stress as part and parcel of life

We love living life in the fast lane.  Whether it is the daily commute to work or the constant pressure to meet targets, every aspect of modern life is a source of thrill and …stress.  So, why worry so much about something that is part and parcel of life?  If stress gives you a heart problem, the cardiologists are there.  At times stress may go through the roof and cause a nervous breakdown.  Here you can seek the services of a psychiatrist.  Yoga does not come in the picture anyhow.  No matter how effective regular yoga practice is in keeping stress out of your life, by bringing your body and mind in perfect harmony, it certainly robs you of the thrills of a stressful life.


You think a happy and blissful life is fiction

Being happy and blissful at all the times is not meant for normal human beings.  We have to rear children, make ends meet, achieve success in life and pay taxes; where is the time for happiness and bliss?  It is something meant for sages who don’t have any family to look after and no targets to meet.  Yoga practice can bring about bliss in our lives by boosting our health and energy levels, but we risk losing our “normal” tag if we become blissful.  So, it makes perfect sense to avoid yoga.


You don’t mind an OK fitness level

In an era where almost everything can be done by machines, it really does not make sense to care about one’s own fitness.  You’ve got jazzy cars to carry you from one place to another, washing machines to take care of the laundry, dishwashers to help you with your kitchen cleaning and so on and so forth.  So, when physical labor is not required anymore, what’s the point in maintaining a great fitness level?  You can boost your fitness levels if you devote an hour of your time few times a week for yoga practice.  But if you are ok with your declining fitness, there’s no need to waste your precious time in practicing funny body postures.


You prefer carrying those extra pounds to yoga practice

Regular yoga practice is your sure shot weapon to fight weight gain.  Yoga does it naturally for you by boosting your metabolism and burning calories.   But if you think you have the strength to carry those extra pounds with ease, you should absolutely and definitely abstain from yoga practice.


You and your family are totally at ease with snoring and sleep apnea

Excessive weight gain not only causes snoring, but also leads to conditions like chronic sleep apnea.  These medical conditions may further translate into a life-threatening illness like coronary heart disease.  You can keep the root cause of such diseases at bay through regular yoga practice.  But if you and your family are at ease with these conditions, there is no need to practice yoga.


Yoga practice is all about transformation of life for the better.  In this process, you will come out of the crowd of “normal” people and stand among some blessed ones. However, if you really care for being normal, you should not practice yoga.

6 Reasons Why Yoga Practitioners Are More Successful

6 Reasons Why Yoga Practitioners Are More Successful

Success Through Yoga Practice

There are many reasons why yoga practitioners are more successful in whatever they do, but in this article we will talk about only 6 reasons.  In her famous poem, “Success is counted sweetest”, Emily Dickinson tried to explain what success is all about and who understands it the best.  But the real question is, what does it take to be successful?  There can be as many ways to succeed as there are people on the earth.  However, if you want to succeed in the real sense of the word, Yoga can be your perfect partner. No doubt it sounds like a bold statement, especially if you consider the number of businesses thriving solely on one product – teaching you how to succeed.  But the fact is, people who practice Yoga are more successful in life and whatever they do.

Yoga brings about a body-mind harmony

Yoga is an ancient Indian technique that uses simple breathing exercises and body postures to boost physical and mental health.  In Sanskrit, Yoga means “bringing together”, so all the different body postures and breathing exercises bring your mind and body together in perfect harmony.  When a person achieves this rare feat, success becomes just one of the blessings that come with it.

Yoga boosts overall health

When you practice Yoga regularly, the oxygen levels in your cells goes up.  This condition translates into better health and ability to ward off pathogens.  By taking yoga classes and doing this low-impact exercise, you can easily keep chronic ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis and back pain in check.  As a result your productivity reaches its peak and you are able to achieve your short and long term goals in time. This cascading effect leads you to succeed in everything you do.

Yoga keeps you energetic

People in pursuit of success have to go that extra mile in everything they do and hence require more energy.  When the outer sources fail, the last resort is to rely on the inner storage.  Yoga unleashes your internal energy by improving blood flow and expelling the toxins with every breath. The result? More energy.

Yoga sharpens your imagination

Through books, it is only your intellect that gets enriched; however, for real success you need a perfect combination of intellect and imagination.  For your imagination to grow, you need to be at peace with yourself.  Yoga not only makes your body healthy, but also enriches the faculties of your brain by settling the chaos of thoughts in it.  When you practice Yoga regularly, you are able to focus better and solve complex problems easily by applying imagination.

Yoga keeps stress and depression at bay

You have to overcome new challenges on a day-to-day basis on your way to success.  This constant pressure to perform creates stress.  When you are not able to handle stress, it leads to depression.  However, Yoga is the perfect remedy to keep these stumbling blocks at bay.  This is because Yoga strengthens you from inside by reducing anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression.  Based on Yoga, psychologists in the UK have developed a stress management program known as MBCT (Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy.)

Yoga Makes you self-aware

Being aware of one’s self is the mark of a successful person.  It means that they accept themselves without being judgmental or overly self-critical.  This is a quality that develops on its own when you are meditative.  Yoga facilitates this state of mind with breathing exercises and Yogic postures.  While rhythmic breathing halts the constant traffic of unwanted thoughts in your mind, the different postures make you aware of your limits.


Yoga is not merely a set of breathing exercises and body postures; rather, it is a lifestyle that facilitates physical well-being, mental peace, better focus and self-awareness.  Therefore, people who practice Yoga are more successful in everything they do.

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